Тасмания - Focus 43 Degrees South (1968)

# 17610

Категория ролика: Тасмания

A South American photographer on location in Tasmania meets a local girl who guides him around the local tourist places and spots to wine and dine.

Please be advised that this footage may contain words and descriptions that may be culturally sensitive, which reflect the attitude of the period in which the film was produced, and which may be considered inappropriate today.

A TASFILM Production
Director: Don Anderson
Photography: Rodney Musch
Editing: Anthony Gibb + John Bale
Sound Editor: Peter McKinley
Sound: Harry Lloyd
Executive Producer: R.D. Barnes

Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office: Focus 43 Degrees South (1968) - (sound, colour) 16 minutes 44 seconds (Reference:
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