Pendulum - Pendulum - Tarantula

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Pendulum - Tarantula lyrics
The tarantula,
Time for the massive come sing ya
Blad tarantula
Don't play with my style I might sting ya
Blad tarantula
You want me inject me bacteria
And if ya body goin' stiff
And your spine goin' numb
Now come fi get some...
Massive! Time to fix you up something here right now!
Shotter, hitter, serial killer
Go-a your funeral and all drink out your liquor
When you are bury we a-stand next to the vicar
Fling on some dirt and make your bury a little quicker
Shouldn't test the youth them in the Tommy Hilfiger
Hug up ya mama, say sorry to ya poppa
All-a get number for ya little sister
It true we cold like alaska, freezer
[Chorus] x2
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