Клипы - The Black Eyed Peas - Where Ya Wanna Go (The E.N.D.)

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In an interview with Billboard.com, will.i.am stated that "The E.N.D" stands for "The Energy Never Dies", which describes his model for a project that will be living and frequently updated throughout its designated cycle. "It's a diary [...] of music that at any given time, depending on the inspiration, you can add to it," the artist/producer/songwriter explains."I'm trying to break away from the concept of an album. What is an album when you put 12 songs on iTunes and people can pick at it like scabs? That's not an album. There is no album anymore." He described the music as "a lot of dance stuff, real melodic, electronic, soulful. We call it, like, electric static funk, something like that."[2] The album name was thought about since 2006, around the time Fergie released The Dutchess. Originally, they were going to call it Evolution but that was also the name for Ciara's then-upcoming second studio album. The album title was then tentatively changed to From Roots to Fruits, before the group decided this title may be better suited for a future compilation album. The name was changed again to The Energy Never Dies, before being shortened to The E.N.D. The name was confirmed around the time will.i.am released his third studio album, Songs About Girls.[3] [edit] Track listing 1. "Boom Boom Pow" 5:08 * Contains "Welcome to the E.N.D" introduction 2. "Rock That Body" 4:28 3. "Meet Me Halfway" 4:44 4. "Imma Be" 4:16 5. "I Gotta Feeling" 4:49 6. "Alive" 5:03 7. "Missing You" 4:34 8. "Ring-a-Ling" 4:32 9. "Party All the Time" 4:43 10. "Out of My Head" 3:51 11. "Electric City" 4:08 12. "Showdown" 4:27 13. "Now Generation" 4:05 14. "One Tribe" 4:40 15. "Rockin to the Beat" 3:45 * Tracking engineer: Padraic Kerin. Mix engineer: Dylan "3-D" Dresdow. Mastering engineer: Chris Bellman.[4] [edit] Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks The following songs appear on the bonus disc featured on the deluxe edition of The E.N.D. 1. "Where Ya Wanna Go" 5:08 2. "Simple Little Melody" 3:11 (Japanese bonus track on standard edition) 3. "Mare" 2:55 (track 16 on the standard edition) 4. "Don't Bring Me Down" 3:12 5. "Pump It Harder" 3:52 ("Pump It" remix) 6. "Lets Get Re-Started" 2:57 ("Let's Get Retarded" remix) 7. "Shut the Phunk Up" 4:20 (censored Knee Deep remix of "Shut Up") 8. "That's the Joint" 3:48 ("Joints & Jams" remix) 9. "Another Weekend" 4:11 ("Weekends" remix) 10. "Don't Phunk Around" 3:47 ("Don't Phunk with My Heart" Chicago House Remix)
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