Клипы - Sander Kleinenberg ft. Jamie Cullum - Remember When (Official Video)

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Directed by Alex Grazioli.
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Having only just announced the release of 5K, the debut album from Sander Kleinenberg, we are now delighted to announce the lead single Remember When, featuring vocals from the brilliant Jamie Cullum.
Having originally started planning and talking about an artist album in 2000, shortly after the release of his worldwide hit My Lexicon -- a track that is still considered to be one of the finest progressive house records ever made -- it's only now, 10 years later that Sander feels both the timing and the music feels right. Of course, quite a large part of the reason it's taken so long is not down to being indecisive or confident, more due to the fact that the last 10 years have been somewhat of a whirlwind for the now superstar Dutch DJ/producer. Having released an official mix compilation every year since 2001, launched his much-celebrated Little Mountain Recordings label, single handedly pioneered DVJing and become one of the biggest DJs on the planet through his 'This Is' brand -- it's fair to say he's been quite busy.
So, why now? Why is 2010 THE year? Another reason for this is down to the fact that Sander now feels that he's in a position where he can release an album that truly represents his tastes and influences without any confusion. The truth is Sander is so much more than the peak-time, high-energy DJ sets that he's become synonymous with and in fact never had any interest in releasing an LP that purely represented his DJ style. "I'm sure the listener will find the ambivalence between the DJ in me trying to make a soundtrack for Saturday night and the writer in me trying to write a substantial song with more depth to it." Explains Sander, "The internal battle bothered me for a long time and it's obvious that I've been struggling to choose sides. As a matter of fact I'm still not sure but simply had to move forward. I noticeably tried to marry the two on this album and in my humble opinion succeeded."
Indeed he has and there's no better example than Remember When, a pop crossover record of the highest order that wouldn't sound out of place on a Mark Ronson album. The combination of Jamie's deeply soulful vocals with Sander's lucid, electro-tinged production really stands out and the result is something of genuine quality. Jamie admits "I've watched Sander for many years from the dancefloor as a fan, so it was an absolute dream come true to work with him! He's an amazing producer to work with."
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