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I started this video almost an year ago (22.09.2011), but it didn't work out, so I left it. Right then I had the first 3 mins done, but the corny texts, using Unfaithful again and not having a concept at all...I knew this would never make it to here. (the YT channel)
But "dark times have come" recently - I haven't done anything in the last 2 months (I lost subscribers) and because I had no idea what new to do, I decided to finally finish this ****. (it has been requested many times as well)The final result is not as awful as I thought it would be - it's hot actually, very, VERY hot! laugh ((softcore) porn tbh) But this doesn't make it less messier - it looks like 4 videos, not one. That's why I decided the concept should be a "dream"...a very special dream laugh Then it turns out that the dream will actually become real...or not...idk since I can't really change the footage I've got! ;D
This is my way to make up for the past 2 months, but I'm scared that it's actually the exact opposite - it's not saying "Sorry", but "Unsibscribe!!!"... Hope I'm not disappointing you all! Keep in mind that this video was never (until now) meant to be on here, but I had to upload something! I'll try to make up for it (not like this time ofc ;D) with my next video!

Edit 1:
In other news - my PoC has been revived!!! For some reason YT unblocked it! Even though it lost millions of views (the stolen ones have combined 3 million views), I'm happy it's "alive"!

Edit 2: I see YT shitty uploading method glitched the picture at moments...sorry for that!
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