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UPDATE - How to make LED light up shoes


I've seen alot of tutorials and videos online but have not really felt they delivered a SOLID robot head. I won't knock anyone, b/c they are all great and accomplish what those people wanted. Me, I wanted a replica, so I made one myself, then made a tutorial how to do it yourself. I'm really confident in the dimensions I came up with since I put screenshots into a CAD system and scaled them to the correct size. I'll have a tutorial up later on some other parts of a costume I'm working on... including LED lit dance shoes that flicker to your dance steps... all for about _8 (here's a link to the comparison - ) - if I were to do anything different, it would be to thin the mouth out and remove the mesh from the eyes... but since this was to be used indoors at night, I wanted to mesh to dim the LEDs a little.

This is my take on the LMFAO Robot head costume taking inspiration the "Sexy and I Know It" video... as you can see from the LED eyes I used (exact match). I'll post a full "parts list" then I get a chance.

This took me 2 hours to make, with all the paint and glue drying, and filming. Entire cost to me was ~_12, b/c I had a few things lying around the garage. I've made two so far.


Dimensions of the Robot Head are here (dims are in INCHES)

Parts List (this is what I used):

Corrugated Cardboard Box -- anything between 11x11x15 and 12x12x16. I used 12x12x16. _3 You can get them from McMaster Carr (2056T121) or I've heard Lowe's has some similar one. Check any of your shipping stores too - UPS, FedEx.

Metal Mesh for mouth -- I used Corrosion-Resistant Type 304 Stainless Steel Wire Cloth, 32 X 32 Mesh, .0065" Wire Diameter, 12" X 12" Sheet from McMaster Carr (Part Number 85385T707) -- I tested a few different ones, I liked this the best for functionality and look. _4

Plastic Mesh for eyes -- Polypropylene Plastic Mesh, .080" X .055" Opening, 54.5" Width, 1' Length. McMaster Carr part number 9265T511. _3

Red Bump Cap, Polyethylene -- from McMaster Carr, part number 9129T4. _5

Lightweight Polypropylene Webbing, 1" Web Width, Black. McMaster Carr part number 8852T425. _6 for 25 feet.

Plastic Buckle for Webbing, Sew on Squeeze-Release for 1" Wide Webbing, Comes in pack of 10. McMaster Carr part number 29705T83. _6

LED lights -- 99cent store. If you look at the "Sexy and I Know It" video, these are the exact ones they use. I got lucky finding them... maybe. Yellow on the ends, red in the middle. Or try amazon -search "5 LED Yellow & Red Safety Light with Bicycle Attachment"

*** If you are having a hard time finding the lights - I can get some more and would be willing to mail them to you for _10. _5 is for shipping (U.S. address only). _2.50 for the lights - _2.50 for my time going to the post office! Pretty good deal if you ask me!***

¾" or 1" PVC -- for the ears. Home Depot or Lowes or any garden supply store. You can also use marker tops or cut an old marker in half. There are a lot of things you can use for this. Even a short length of garden hose might work.

White Wood Primer in a spray can -- cardboard absorbs paint, so if you just paint it gold it will look dull and splotchy. Let the box soak up the White Wood Primer and dry, then use the gold over it -- you'll get a much better finish. Hardware store. _3

Gold Paint -- I like the Rustoleum metallic paints. Just be sure to read the UPC color label on the back. Sometimes the silver and chrome can be mistaken for gold. Hardware store. _3

Black Paint -- get either a Krylon type plastic paint or a latex paint. Latex is good if you want to spray the foam black. Other paints will dissolve the foam, but latex paint won't. You'll need black paint to paint the metal mesh and the plastic mesh, as well as the eye holders. You could even paint the helmet if you wanted the inside to be all black.

Tools (this is what I used):

Straight Edge
Tape Measure
Cutting blades (xacto or steak or bread knife)
Fine and Coarse Sandpaper
Compass (or something you can draw ~3.75", ~1.5, and 1" circles with)
PVC cutter (or something to cut your ear stems with)
Hot Glue gun with glue sticks (best if you can find one with multi temps)

Halloween Pic - it was a hit!
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