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Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Reveal Trailer - NEW Official Gameplay Trailer: IT'S HERE! Brand new GTA 5 gameplay trailer. Watch the GTA 5 o'clock analysis HERE:
Here is the NEW Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay reveal trailer, showing the first true gameplay from the biggest game of 2013. Subscribe now and stay tuned for the full analysis from the GTA 5 o'clock team later today, and pop back tomorrow at 5PM BST for some MASSIVE news.

In case you didn't know, GTA 5 'o clock is your weekly look at Grand Theft Auto 5, with Dan Dawkins and Tim Weaver. You can tune in every Wednesday at 5PM UK time to get the best, most in depth analysis of 2013's biggest game from some of the best brains in the games industry.

Watch the latest episode of GTA V o'clock here:
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