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Western Sydney Wanders undefeated in 12 have become the Hyundai A-League 2013 Premiers in their inaugural season. Western Sydney Wanderers have taken the A-League to new heights with the support of what some are calling the 12 player and we call the RBB (Red & Black Bloc).
This active Fan base has not only rivalled but arguably surpassed the atmosphere created by other clubs such as Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory. Even rugby league fans who have never been to a "soccer" game before are walking away from Parramatta Stadium more famously known as "Wanderland" amazed at something they have never experienced before.
We are here to stay and I must say it has been a privilege to part of this fairy-tale story so far and it's not over yet...
We now embark on the Journey to become Champions and have also already booked our place in the Asian Champions League.
I encourage ALL SPORTS fans out there not just football to try and get your hands on one of these GOLDEN TICKETS to Wanderland and experience one of Sydney's most unforgettable events.
See you all at Wanderland Next Friday!
from Bay 67
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