Университет Австралии - Professor Li Narangoa - Mongolian language, culture and studies at ANU

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Professor Li Narangoa Introduces The Australian National University's new Mongolia Studies Centre, some common Mongolian phrases and some things you may not know about the country.
The first centre of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, the centre in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific will enhance growing Australian interest in Mongolia as well as strengthen the increased links between the two countries. It will host guest researchers working on Mongolia, organise seminars on Mongolian topics, provide a support network for Australian researchers on Mongolia and promote Mongolian studies in Australia in general.
The launch of the Mongolia Studies Centre coincides with the Mongolian Studies Open Conference which brings scholars from around the world to examine the country's history, culture, anthropology, international relations, business and archaeology. More information and a full program is available at
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