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Pulau Redang lies in the South China Sea, approximately 30 kilometers off the coast of Terengganu State in North Eastern Malaysia. Redang is the largest island in a marine park consisting of nine islands.
The accommodation here is more resort focused than on the nearby Perhentian Islands, making this beautiful island a popular destination for Malaysian holiday makers, and those keen to indulge in a little luxury.
Most of the resorts on Redang can be found at Long Beach, one of Malaysia's most picturesque beaches.
Pulau Redang is surrounded by reefs rich in marine life, excellent snorkeling spots can be found just a short swim away from the main beaches.
The island is also an important conservation area for sea turtles and local islanders now play an instrumental role in the protection of these gentle creatures.
With it's long white beaches and secluded rocky coves, crystal clear waters and swaying palms, Pulau Redang is everything a tropical island should be.
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