Туризм - Oslo: Rape, drugs and immigrants

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Note that the following links goes to pages written in either Swedish or Norwegian - with google.translate.com one can translate them into the language of choice.
75 (Seventy-five) gypsys fighting in Ullevål Sykehus (Ullevål Hospital)
Gypsys taken for crimes against elderly in Malmoe, Sweden
Gypsys robbing elderly people in Sweden
Imams(!) making a statement against rapes in Norway
Oslo - the most expensive city in the world
Kidnapped and raped during several hours
Lituanians sent to prison for rape
Asylum seeker convicted for attempted rape
Four times more crim in Oslo than in New York
Immigrants in the top of rape statistics
Somali convicted for very brutal rape
47-year old african - brutal rape
Raped in Sofienbergsparken
All of the 41 brutal rapes in Oslo were carried out by either negroes of arabs

Four brutal rapes during the period of 5 hours
43-year old taxi driver became norwegian citizen 1987 and tried to rape an 21-year old norwegian girl.
Brutal rape by african on norwegian girl
(Google the name: "Elin Krantz")
68% of all 6-year olds are immigrants
Homosexuals beaten up by muslim
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