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Cambodia! It's one of the well-known destination holiday in South East Asia. Locates near the Vietnam and Thailand, it is a tourists spot famous for it majestic temples, voted as one of the 7 man-made wonder in the world as well as for it authentic beach life at Silhanoukville surrounds by many more small islands such as Koh Rong, Snake Island, Bamboo Island. If you are looking for a great holiday with affordable budget then this is the perfect place to go! Koh Rong islands is about 2 hours boat ride from Silhanoukville city. On the islands there are many huts and bars to accommodate your daily needs. There are also many activities on the island as well. With a 7km white sand crystal clear beach you can't even see the other end of it!

Recommendation bars and bungalows for staying overnight are Paradise Bungalows, Monkey Island resorts and Bunna's Place. All these three places have their own individual taste of life style, from family mature outing. to teenagers gathering to party-hard Bunna's Place open till late night.

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