Тасмания - Tasmania- GET PITTED!

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Essentially I would have liked to do another edit for Part 2, but because of this, I missed the slide jam while waiting in Hospital like a weak cunt. But hey! Gotta stop infections where possible and it needed a good scrub out.

What happened was, Coen started getting wobbles at the front, so Jayden did a coleman to stop himself running into Coen.
Saxen managed to slip past Jayden as he crossed the road, I however was not so fortunate, as his board stopped to the right, it rolled into my path on the left and I came off.
So I guess this is Tasmania- Part 2.

Adam Hill(Filming)
Saxen Payne(White Pred)
Jayden Cook(White half shell/Coleman slide)
Coen Elliot(Blue Shirt)

Sorry about the song, it just sounded funny for a Tasmanian Bush run and yeah, FUCK IT!
Filmed with GoPro HD Hero 3 Silver Edition.
Song- REDNEX- Cotton Eye Joe
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