Тасмания - Targa Tasmania 2011 Riana ripper crash - Evo flies 35m at 190km/hr -

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After confusion over the no. of crests on this 1km straight, the left 4 1/2 call came too late as we were light over the last crest meaning braking did nothing. We both walked away ok but have a look at the difference in neck movements between us. I (Kym) was wearing a HANS device, Kirrilee was not. She was much sorer than I was, a great example of why these devices are critical - you don't dress to race, you dress to crash. We were placed 22 of 61 prior to the flight/crash. Thanks to the Ralliart boys for supporting us this weekend and the farmers for providing humour and counselling following the crash and for towing the car out of the boggy paddock. See the full stage vision and some extra stuff at the end here -

Now, given we could have died in this stack, if you own or manage a business and you put callers on hold (that's almost every business) you need Messages On Hold so please call us on 1800 Messages and ask us to produce a free demo so you know what callers could be listening to.
Kym Illman
Targa Stunt Driver
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