Тасмания - Port Arthur - Tasmania

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Категория ролика: Тасмания

Port Arthur is located approximately 60 km south east of the state capital, Hobart, on the Tasman Peninsula.

Best known for it's Prison Colony site which was Australia's largest penal station and was named after Van Diemen's Land lieutenant governor George Arthur. From 1833, until the 1850s, it was the destination for the hardest of convicted British and Irish criminals, those who were secondary offenders having re-offended after their arrival in Australia. Rebellious personalities from other convict stations were also sent here, a quite undesirable punishment.
In more recent times the port became famous once again for on 28 April 1996, Martin Bryant went on a killing spree, murdering 35 people and wounding 21 more before being captured by Special Operatives Police.

A full history can be found here
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