Тасмания - Lake St Clair: Dive 03

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Lake St Clair, Tasmania is the deepest lake in Australia, and apparently the deepest glacial lake in the world. The Lake has only been infrequently dived in the past, and little is known about its bathymetry or ecosystems. DIRdudes visited the lake as guests of the Lake St Clair Lodge to conduct a number of reconnaissance dives to familiarise ourselves with the Lake ahead of a potential GUE Baseline survey.
In this third dive we explore the steep drop-off from the Cynthia Bay Jetty. The lake is tannin-rich and despite the visibility being +30m darkness quickly descends with depth. Most plant life stops by 10m, by 15m its a night dive, by 25m its a cave dive. The water temperature was 18 degrees on surface, 8 degrees at 20m. The bottom away from the shoreline quickly becomes thick accumulations of silt as we demonstrate.
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