Тасмания - Cradle Coast, Tasmania

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This is a wild and beautiful place, dotted with historic towns and villages.
It's magnificent touring country Take to the road and travel along the Bass Highway, hugging Bass Straight along the north coast and on to the winding descent through the stark landscape around Queenstown, then to dense forests, rocky coastlines and at the right time of year, roads taking you through fields of tulips.
The wild country of the Franklin Gordon National park is something that must be seen to be understood and of course there is Cradle Mountain itself. World famous as a trekking destination, it will test and reward the more adventurous. On the West Coast you breathe what has been proven to be the world's cleanest air.
In a place where the last Tasmanian tiger was captured - and where many more have been sighted since, there are rare sights and experiences at every turn.
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