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The touch "backdoor" move borrowed from the 2009 game between New Zealand 20's Mixed and Australia 20's Mixed (full video available here: )
The first three clips show the backdoor move directly resulting in a touchdown for New Zealand. The second and third clips show the build-up. The lazy passing between the middles and links not only keeps the defence guessing, it also gains around 20-25 metres for New Zealand without "wasting" a touch.
The fourth clip shows another attempt at the move which does not work. The move is covered with five Australians in that half of the pitch. The final clip shows the same sort of move. This time, the Australian player making the touch has to keep retreating in a straight line. The half switches direction this time. As the Australians are using the squeeze defence, when the half steps to the left, there is an overlap. The half is able to get over the line and offload to the winger to score.
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