Спорт - Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony Part 09 Eternity

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The various settlers, residents and people presented different generation of workers had built is that "harbors, roads, bridges, railways, factories, schools, hospitals and houses.
These workers were represented in the segment of Eternity, which alluded to Arthur Stace. Stace is a cured alcoholic, who wrote in the last 35 years of his life with chalk the word "Eternity" on sidewalks and buildings in Sydney. Director of this episode was Nigel Triffitt.Im center was the Tap Dancing, which was known by the group Tap Dogs. danced in the middle of the stage Adam Garcia, who tap-danced on a 30-meter-high construction. In addition, worked with 150 other dancers, all of the crew of the musical Tap Dogs, Hot Shoe Shuffle and Steel City came. An additional 500 tap-dancers danced in the stands and then finally in the stadium - on its own iron plates. "The completed bridge was the Bridge of Life, a walkway towards connection and Reconciliation."
At the end of the dance has become louder and faster stormed all actors the opening ceremony in the arena and joined in the dance and party with one. Choreographer of the dance was Dein Perry, the star dancer of the Tap Dogs.Djakapurra and Nikki Webster stood in the middle and were lifted by a hoist in the air, as behind them in fireworks, the Harbour Bridge appeared on the word "Eternity" as the fireworks appeared.
By this episode were also modern dance elements the way to the opening ceremony. The specific type of dance, tap dance, is a further fulfillment of identity production. He runs the gamut from the ritual, traditional dances of the term Aboriginal to modern dance movements of the Australians.
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