Сидней - Sydney Players Bring Smiles To Children's Faces

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Four of Sydney FC's players brought smiles to the faces of sick children on a visit to Sydney Children's Hospital.
Mark Bridge, Liam Reddy, Karol Kisel and Michael Beauchamp spent Monday afternoon comforting the children, handing out posters and even playing football at the hospital in Randwick.
"It's good to come and put a smile on the kids faces, they're going through a rough patch, some worse than others," said Mark Bridge.
"We were with a little girl today that had been upset for the last week and her mum and sister were a little bit upset about that.
"When we came in she was smiling and laughing for about 10 / 15 minutes and just seeing that and the smile on the mum and the sister's faces makes it all worthwhile."
It was an emotional journey at times for the boys, many of whom have children of their own, and they were full of praise for the work of the hospital staff.
"It's amazing to see them come in and do this every day. It shows you what sort of people they are and how good their characters are," added Bridge.
"It's good for us to be involved in something like this and help as much as we can."
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