Сидней - Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony Part 06 Tin Symphony (2)

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The episode Tin Symphony gave an overview of the history of Australia from
the first settlers to the daily, contemporary Australians. This segment
directed by Nigel Jamieson and he reported on the early settlement of the
Fifth Continent, after the Aborigines 60,000 years alone on the continent
had lived. The settlement was discussed funny - from the
Sheep farmers, to the modern technologies that they brought with them.
The discovery came at a big wheel in the arena, they carried telescopes and
The new ways of life were gears, rainwater tanks and loggers
shown. The settlers operated and ran smack Line Dancing whips. The
new Australian resident brought a new life with him and this
Fact was illustrated with a humorous and somewhat ironic performance.
The sheep were presented as something stupid farmer and the sheep were
bouncing boxes, which were then shaved. As it turned out, were
these people later and lawn mowers. Lawn mowing is now among the Australians
a popular pastime for a Saturday morning to their back yards
Prepare (backyards) for the upcoming barbecues. The performers dance
with their lawnmowers and finally form the Olympic rings. Here, the
Olympic idea of ​​using the Olympic Rings theme in a fun way and
For this segment selected designer Dan Potra pictures of Sidney Nolan as Inspiration.Karen Johnson Mortimer choreographed this dance with Doug Jack, Ian Cooper wrote the furious violin piece composed by Paul Grabowsky and the second part of Sountracks.
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