Сидней - Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony Part 03 Awakening

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The segments Awakening, Fire and Nature were important elements of the opening ceremony. In it the unity of the Australian Aborigines and the land was shown.
Nikki Webster and Djakapurra walked together through the stage and enjoyed the stories and myths of the Australian aborigines. On this segment of the opening ceremony took part in various tribes of the natives. They danced a Korrobori, sang the song of Sven Emu Sisters "Kungkarankalpa". Bush was also a march dance. In addition, also dances and songs of the Torres Strait Islands and corridors of the clan were shown.
The highlight of Awakening was the presentation of a thousand-year-old Mark, the Wandjina, it displays a floating, mouth loose figure is from the north of Australia.
Getting the various tribes to Sydney was a logistical problem for the producers of the show. For the 1100 dancers in this segment came from all over Australia. Alone 350 women were from the central desert, and had a day-long trip to take in to fly from Alice Springs to Sydney.
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