Сидней - Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony Part 02 Deep Sea Dreaming

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Deep Sea Dreaming shows life in the Great Barrier Reef off Australia's coast.
Director of the episode Deep Sea Dreaming tank was Meryl Ward, an Australian dancer and choreographer.
800 actors were involved in this scene. They presented a variety of animals such as barracudas, angel fish, rays, sea cucumbers and other animals in the Great Barrier Reef.
One of the biggest logistical tasks of the opening ceremony it was to make the elements and animals floating in the stadium. This was due to the technical director Morris Lyda and Richard Hartmann.
The musical theme of the Deep Sea Dreaming was composed by Elena Kats-Chernin. Played and played it by the Sydney Children's Choir & the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. It was conducted by Simone Young. The music producer was Stephen Snellman.
Director of the ceremony: Ric Brich
Artistic Director: David Atkins
Musical Director: Max Lambert
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