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London is not comparable to Sydney. Between the two shows are twelve years. Has a time in which technology made ​​great progress. The best for me ceremonies:
London 2012
Sydney 2000
Vancouver 2010

The opening ceremony of the XXVII. Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney set a new standard for the Olympic opening ceremony. It is still considered the best opening ceremony ever. 120 000 spectators and more than 12,000 performers were involved in the nearly 5-hour show. The artistic director of the show, David Atkins was the only member of the organizing team of the Games in Sydney with the gold pin of the International Olympic Committee signed off. 2006 David Atkins produced his partner Ignatius Jones and its major events company the Opening and Closing Ceremony 15th Asian Games in Doha (Qatar). The two Olympic ceremonies of the Winter Games in Vancouver in 2010, was designed by David Atkins Enterprises, developed and produced. David Atkins is now the leading producer of major events worldwide.
The opening ceremony began with 120 stockmen and their Stock Horses. The stockmen are the Australian version of the Cowboys.
They carried the Olympic flag and rode to the music of "The Man from Snowy River".
"The Man from Snowy River" is a famous Australian poem by Banjo Petersen, who also wrote the text for Australia's unofficial national anthem "Waltzing Matilda".
The poem was the inspiration for the eponymous Australian feature film. The music was composed by Bruce Rowland.
The opening ceremony was the music of Bruce Rowland The Man from Snowy River "as" Olympic "version rearranged. During the opening ceremony he conducted in this scene and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

The official Australian national anthem was by James Morrison, the Swing City Band, Human Nature, Julie Anthony, the listed Sydney Millennium Choir and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. The musical director of the opening ceremony, Max Lambert, arranged the pieces and Simone Young conducted the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Executive Producer and Director of Ceremonies, Ric Birch
Artistic Director of Opening Ceremonies: David Atkins
Director scene for "The Man from Snowy River". Ignatius Jones
Musical General Director: Max Lambert
Music "The Man from Snowy River (Olympic Version)" composed and conducted by Bruce Rowland

The English speaker for the opening ceremony in the stadium was the Australian actor John Stanton.
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