Сидней - Psycroptic - Carriers Of The Plague (Live in Sydney)

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Psycroptic performing Carriers Of The Plague live at Metro Theatre in Sydney on 6 October 2012.

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Hailing from the remote island of Tasmania, Psycroptic have progressively carved a niche of their own within today's overcrowded Metal scene. Staying clear of trends, the band incorporate many elements of music -- extreme and otherwise -- to capture a sound that is uniquely their own. Not to be pigeonholed, Psycroptic stand apart from the horde and add a fresh element in the extreme metal realm with their precise blend of brutality, intensity and groove.

Psycroptic's latest album 'The Inherited Repression' (released in Feb 2012) has been hailed by fans and the media as one of the most original and 'fresh' release within the metal realm in years.
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