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Sydney Camerata perform the world premiere of Cliff Kerr's 'Degustation' (2010).

About the piece:
Degustation consists of seven brief, contrasting movements. It is named for the culinary tradition of serving multiple small courses instead of a single large one (known as tapas in Spanish and dim sum in Chinese). The first movement (Prelude) is a seamless flow of sounds, where harmonies evolve rather than change. The second movement (Fugue I) uses a wide register -- over five octaves -- to make each voice as distinct and lyrical as possible. The third movement (Interlude I) showcases an unusual rhythm (2+3+2+2+3/8), intensified by the use of repetition. The fourth movement (Fugue II) begins with a jaunty theme in A, starts moving around the cycle of fifths, gets lost halfway, and turns back. The fifth movement (Interlude II) has more success, and its four-chord harmonic progression is played once in each of the 12 keys. The sixth movement (Fugue III) is wild and atonal, with an inverted subject used throughout the second half. The seventh movement (Postlude) is simply the first movement played note-for-note backwards. Thus, while there is no single unifying theme in Degustation, the "flavors" of each movement are designed to blend into a satisfying whole.

About the composer:
Cliff Kerr started learning piano and composition at age nine, but did not become serious about either until age 14; at 17, he was awarded an LMusA in piano and first prize in the Miriam Hyde Composer-Pianist Award. For the next eight years he studied at the University of Queensland, the University of Sydney, and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where his composition teachers included Philip Bračanin, Anne Boyd, Winsome Evans, and Damien Ricketson. In addition to musical activities, Cliff holds a PhD in physics, and is currently designing thought-controlled robotic limbs for DARPA, the research branch of the U.S. military.

Sydney Camerata acknowledge the support of Ars Musica Australis in supporting our Composition Fellowship program.
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