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''I was ready to begin. I wanted to be with him forever. From now to eternity.''
STORY: The story starts in episode 2x11, when Elijah goes to Elena to make a deal.She asks him to free Stefan from the tomb but he refuses, so when he asks her if they have a deal she refuses, as well.Then, Elijah knocks her out and kidnaps her.
Elena wakes up in his unlocked car and tries to escape but he catches her and drugs her.She wakes up again later, in a hotel room, where she finds a phone and tries to call Damon.Although, Elijah catches her, compels her and bites her.
The two of them leave the hotel and continue their journey.Elijah takes Elena to his house where they have to share a bed.Elena has nightmares, of Elijah being forced by Klaus to sacrifice her, but Elijah comforts her.A night after a nightmare Elijah kisses Elena.
The morning after, Elena escapes and runs away, but while travelling during the night, she hits somebody who turns out to be Elijah.He takes her back to his house and as a punishment he bites and feeds on her, until he decides she had enough.They kiss again and he leaves her alone.
On the meantime, back to Mystic Falls, Stefan cheats on Elena with Katherine, while being stuck in the tomb.Elena finds out, asks Elijah for a distraction and they sleep together.
In the morning after, they return to Mystic Falls, after being informed Klaus is there.Elijah leaves Elena alone briefly and Damon shows up.Him and Elena argue over her relationship with Elijah because Damon doesn't trust him and thinks he has compelled her.After Elena orders him out of her house, the doorbell rings and Klaus shows up on the doorstep.Elena recognises him and shuts the door.
Later on, Caroline, Tyler, Bonnie and Damon agree to help Elijah with his plan (which is to pretend to be still working for Klaus) to stop Klaus.
Elena a nightmare again, this time featuring her and Klaus romantically.In the morning after, Elijah confesses his love to her.
Elena spends the next two days with Caroline Bonnie and Elijah, with Klaus stalking them.On the night of the second day, Elena attends the Lockwood's ball, escorted by Elijah.There, Klaus shows up and takes Elena to dance.Elijah watches them dancing and,afterwards, while being angry he bites Elena and knocks her out for her own safety, as he starts putting his plan to kill Klaus in action.
Elena wakes up in the woods with Klaus and Elijah around her.Elijah is pretending to be working for Klaus and Klaus asks him to sacrifice her.Then, Damon, Alaric, Jeremy, Bonnie, Katherine and Stefan show up.Elena stabs herself so Klaus is weaked and Elijah manages to kill him.He feeds Elena his blood but she is seriously injured and she faints.
When she wakes up, she finds Elijah on her side, looking after her. When she feels better, she goes to find Stefan and argues with him for cheating on her and pretending everything is fine.Later, back to her room Elijah proposes to her and she accepts.She goes to find Damon and asks him to give her away at the church and he gladly accepts.
The story ends with Elijah and Elena getting married and driving off for their honeymoon.
-Story written by Holly(Nightlark100)-
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Song uses :
Shattered, by Traditing Yesterday
Bury me alive, by We are the fallen
Candleburn, by Dishwalla
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