Pendulum - VOODOO SABOTAGE (Beastie Boys vs Prodigy vs Pendulum)

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Категория ролика: Pendulum

I made this then saw that someone else had already done one too. Realising I no longer have a monopoly on these things I decided not to upload it.

Realising that the other guys don't have a monopoly either, I have now decided to put it online and free it from the confines of La Roche Rumba, The End of the Month Club, Slack and Klub21.

Look elsewhere on YouTube and Vimeo for the other versions. And if you get the chance, go see The Kleptones do this live - It's an amazing show and Eric Kleptones' VJ is a genius.

Audio: The Kleptones
Video: Thriftshop XL
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