Pendulum - Pendulum Waves Polyrhythm

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Pentatonic polyrhythm for simulation of Mach Pendulum Wave Machine, with magic carpet, gravity failure and exuberant credits.
I saw the "Pendulum Waves" video
by the Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations team, and wanted to do two things:
1) Write a little simulation of the phenomenon
2) Find some way of converting the visual complexity into sound.
Goal 1 was done easily enough, but all I had after a solid afternoon in pursuit of Goal 2 was five different ways of creating cacophony.
Then, about to give up, I noticed a previously unseen video in a corner of my browser, Dan Tramte's "Pendulum Waves with Sonic Accompaniment"

I watched it, and a few minutes later I'd tweaked my pendulum soundtrack creator and the goal was achieved. Not through my own insight, but nevertheless.
Only as I was uploading this video did I discover how to view all responses for a video, and there did I see several different versions of what I had done - both in sound and in simulation. Ah well. Of the other responses, I especially liked the musicality and stereophonic ingenuity of Dan Portis-Cathers "Pendulum Music"
I couldn't resist adding a snippet of music by Vangelis, from the album "Albedo 0.39", the last minute or so of the track "Nucleogenesis (Part One)". The speaking clock beep is also from that track.
Youtube informs me that because of the included copyrighted music, this video is blocked in Germany, and in other countries will sometimes have ads appearing over it or next to it.
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