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By setting up a series of pendulums of carefully selected lengths, a pendulum wave effect is generated. "Pendulum Chaos" simulates this effect with many control options available.

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How to use?
It's all pretty self-explanatory. You control the number of pendulums, initial swing angle, overall speed, pendulum size and colours.
I even allowed swing angles of up to 360 degrees to get effects impossible in an experimental setup.
Fiddle with the settings yourself to get some really nice graphics!

Tip: Use similar shades of color, perhaps of light and dark brightness levels, and allow some transparency to your colors, then slow down the simulation speed to really appreciate the wave effect.

If you have any questions, you can email me at or post on my blog or
I have also written another app called NTW Text Editor which you can download from the Market. It allows the editing of files with no file size limit, and will also bookmark all your editing progress in every file. If you liked Pendulum Chaos, pls do take a look at NTW too joke

For the fellow geeks out there, the basic equation I used is theta(t)=theta0*cos(t/sqrt(L/g)). The pendulum lengths are calculated with L(i)=g(1/(2PI*I(i)))^2.

Producer: Erik de Viking Sheep (Aka me...)
Music: Kevin MacLeod
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