Pendulum - Expire - Sleep Lost

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Категория ролика: Pendulum

Artist: Expire
Title: Pendulum Swings (2012)
Label: Bridge 9
Details: Expire's full-length debut, 'Pendulum Swings' is a concise, caustic blast of decidedly *hard* hardcore. 12 jams of crunchy riffs and fire-spit lyrics.

my mind does the time for the crimes against myself and it comes at the cost of sleep lost another day, another dollar another night is even harder to swallow I contemplate my end, I count up all my friends weigh out the pros and cons who's going to miss me when I'm gone? Who? nothing keeps me sane like the long walks through the rain let the cold come over me let wash away my shame all the ones that have occupied my head and all that ones the have occupied my bed get out

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