Мельбурн - Melbourne HDR Timelapse

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Please watch this Melbourne timelapse in HD with sound :)
Also definitely check out the new Victoria HDR Timelapse:
In Melbourne we have a saying "If you don't like the weather, just wait a moment..."
I love this great city, you never know what to wear,
but making this timelapse and getting rained on five times a day was pretty fun.

I wonder if you guys can tell all the places in this video... :)

A project at Deakin University in Melbourne, shot mostly on Canon 5D mark iii with a Canon 14mm f2.8 lens.
Movement in the timelapses done using the Kessler CineSlider and the Oracle Controller.

Created by Filip Laureys -
Music: Kerry Muzzey - Best Day of My Life (purchased from themusicbed.com)
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