Мельбурн - Melbourne - A Short Film

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AWARD: Winner of the My Melbourne - A Letter to Home Creative arts competition (Held by the Australian Federation of International Students)

Finishing my second last semester at uni quite early, I've got to borrow my friend's Canon 60d and started hanging around Melbourne shooting footage about everything that going on around me. After nearly a week, i decided to sit down and started to edit the video with an attempt to portray a multicultural and colourful life of "the world most livable city" - Melbourne.

The 8 minute film is a bit rough and slow since this is my first time making a short film but it is also what Melbourne is about, i guess.

The film was inspired by the video "A Year in New York" by Andrew Clancy, as well as being inspired by my three years living and studying in Melbourne, with all the joys and sorrows.

The music is a mix between two beautiful songs: "We don't eat" and " Follow You Down to the Oak Tree" by James Vincent McMorrow so turn up your volume to enjoy.


Equipments i used for making the film:
Canon 60d
Canon 7d
Canon 15-85
Canon 18-55
Sigma 30 1.4
Canon 50 1.8
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