Клипы - Звери / Zveri - До скорой встречи / Do skoroi vstrechi (Official video)

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Музыка Р. Билык, слова Р. Билык, В. Полиенко. Режиссер А. Войтинский. 2006 год.
В главной роли Ю. Снигирь.
Music by R. Bilyk, lyrics R. Bilyk, V. Polienko. Directed by A. Voitinskiy. 2006.
Starring Yuliya Snigir.
(с) Навигатор Рекордс / Navigator Records
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You have such a nice car - Thank you - Is it Ferrari - No, it's Bentley - I have never heard. My name is Masha

Last night
I am a backstreet boy
Agreed to everything
No escape
And I am a hunter
And I am dangerous
And very soon
In a moment
I trust you
And fly agarics
Are cool of course
But unlikely either

See you soon
My love for you forever

Love will teach
It's not vulgar at all
When we are together
No one is cooler
But it's in the past
And I do not know
And I am losing last night
My funny
My cross-bullet
See you soon

My love story
Is shorter than the night
Consulting a watch
It's rubbish
The meter is turning?
A taxi to the north
And I do not know
And I am losing last night
My funny
My dear
See you soon
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