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All of my subscribers just unsubscribed xD

Story behind why i even made this:
well me and molly were in molly's
stream and then molly added the robot chicken
end theme song. so i decided to add the ghost busters
theme song. and then molly was like "if you make a video
to ghostbusters,ill make a video to robot chicken!!"
so yeah thats it xD

its basically miley telling selena about the ghostbusters (jonas brothers)
weird huh? xD


Dedicated to: (A LOT!) xD
well there nothing really I can say except for
you are my best friend. I love you so much and
you are always there for me. So thank you.
and im so glad youre back from vacation!

MOLLS!!she made one of these weird videos too!
haha she is amazing, we have our own language!!!!
just remember, ehsy, fick, and jajajaja. Good times!
please dont push me off a cliff again. Lol. Love you.

ADRIANA!!!! hehe thanks for being such a great friend.
you seriously are one of the nicest people i have ever met.
but i still hate you for putting lollipop as your featured.
xD love you!!

SHANNON! This is our jam! xD good thing
Molly hates this because we can annoy the crap
out of her!and btw, why did i have to be nick in
the disney 5? lol im a girl!! I love you :)

Well weve had our differences, weve had
our fights, but at the end of the day, I still
love you. You are one of the most awesomest
people ive ever met! And you are absoultey
gorgeous :)

Questions :
1. Did you like this?
2. Have you seen Ghostbusters? (just me? ok xD)
3. Did you like Selena's new music video "falling down" ?

x o x o melly
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