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The Four-plus-Year wait is finally over! Five-time grammy award winner Usher is set to release his new album, entitled "Here I Stand" on May 27th. The first single from the record, "Love in This Club," is getting tons of airplay nationwide...AND it also marks Usher's 8th number one spot on the Billboard charts. So, how are his album sales expected to fare??? Especially considering the fact that his last installment sold over 19 million copies and went not gold-not platinum- it went Diamond!!! Well, insiders say that even Usher might have trouble keeping up with himself. BUT, if you ask me, this guy's track record is nothing if not a recipe for success.
The new husband and father has basically done it all. After conquering the music world, Usher established himself as a television, film and most recently Broadway actor. Seriously, is there anything he's not capable of?
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