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Exactly one year (and 3 days - long no-internet story :D) ago this channel was started with the video I called "The Rihanna Phenomenon" (which back then sounded stupid to me :D) Unexpectedly, this video made miracles for me - for this one year it reached almost 90,000 views and brought me my first 50 subscribers in just 2 days, who now are 316, a total of over 340,000 views, some recongition and over 940 followers on twitter! It was posted like a thousand times on twitter (3/4 of which are mine :D) and Facebook, it was really well-recieved from everybody! Thanks to the "RihannaNavy", the real miracle happened on the 4th of March - after over 6 months of annoying tweets from me, my dream came true - Rih saw the video and followed me! It's funny how one of the videos I like the least has done so much! Everyone was asking for an HD version and there was some critisism about the font I had used and that was actually the one thing that was tweaked. I didn't want to change anything, because the video is great as it is! Plus there is a REAL sequel coming by the end of the year, which hopefully will be 2x better and which "trailer" you can find at the end of the video! (I didn't want anything "EPIC", it's just a short lame teaser :D) Please, post this HD version or the old one and remember that the old one is always a good place as for the fans as for the haters! If you have spare time, go there, meet some haters and defend our girl! laugh
So I'll finish by expressing my deepest gratitude to Rihanna and everybody, who has helped and supported me over this one year!
P.S.: Rih's tweets:

September 7, 2011 10:52 PM |
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