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A short video showing the beauty of the Hijab which refutes the common stereotype that all Muslim women are oppressed when in fact it is the very opposite. It is not a video that shows the true essence of Hijab but it is a simple video amongst many that shows Muslim woman in a different light to the typical -ve viewing that so many are accustomed to. It is not a religious video based on religious opinions but a video made up of a compilation of different pictures of how some of the Muslim woman exist today.
NOTE: NO hateful comments will be allowed so don't bother posting them in the first place. Majority of the pictures used are of models and not necessarily how Muslim women wear the Hijab like. This video is made for girls to show that you're just as beautiful if you wear the headscarf laugh Some of these styles may not be deemed as fufilling the proper requirements of Hijab but it's something that can be worn in all female gatherings if not outside or in the privacy of your own home if a woman doesn't want to take her scarf off smile
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