Клипы - sympathy for the devil guns n roses cover

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Категория ролика: Guns N' Roses клипы

a great cover done by guns n roses from the rolling stones sympathy for the devil please enjoy people and please not i am in no way associated with the bands or any of their record companies nor have i ever been so on that note enjoy*

*So yea all this time later i come back to see that my copy write battles are not done. i already fought it once a few weeks after this video went up, they jsut banned it in a few countries, including my own might i add, but you know what i was ok with that. but its apparenly banned world wide. god dammit. i cant express to you guys how sorry i am and how greatful i am at the same time for all the support you have given this one video. i only wanted to share this music with the world. but if theres no sound then theres no reason. this feels like the best possible thing for me to do. i wont bow to corporate bastards for the sake of numbers of views. its the least i can do out of respect for you guys. thankyou so much for all the feedback. carry on.
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