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THE ONLY REAL FOOTAGE CAPTURED BY CELLPHONE CAMERA! Suge Knight Knocked Unconscious Outside L.A. Nightclub. Suge Knight was hit so hard by a man on May 10th, 2008 that he lost consciousness. Suge was talking to a guy and the convo was friendly enough at first. Then it turned. Suge shouted, "I want my money!" Suge then rushed the guy with the help of his posse, and began hitting and kicking him. Get this - during the fight, Suge put a random guy in a headlock, demanding his cellphone.
People outside the club broke up the fight, and as the beatee got up, he landed a right hook to Suge's face, knocking him out cold. We're told Knight was out for nearly three minutes. His peeps then rushed him into a nearby SUV. BTW, after Suge woke up, he began yelling for the phone he had just taken from the random guy.
Death Row Records founder Marion "Suge" Knight was in a Los Angeles court for a hearing to allow his creditors to question his finances. Earlier this year, Knight filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in an effort to avoid losing control of Death Row Records. At the hearing Knight attempted to explain that the Death Row Records suffered financially while he was incarcerated and that he never saw profit and loss statements. Knight has over _100 million in debt including a _107 million judgment against him. According to Knight, his only assets include a bank account containing _11, clothing worth _1,000, furniture and appliances valued at _2,000, and jewelry worth _25,000.
Rap impresario Suge Knight refused to file a police report or cooperate with police after being knocked out outside a Los Angeles night club.
Knight got into an argument with another man, and then he and his companions allegedly knocked the other man to the ground. The man allegedly landed a blow on Knight's face that made him unconscious for about three minutes.
"I want my money," Knight was overheard saying to the man.
The altercation took place May 10th outside Shag nightclub.
His companions put Knight into an sports utility vehicle. A woman at the wheel tried to drive away but was removed from the vehicle after she hit a parked car and then reversed into another one. Another driver then took over.
Police attempted to interview Knight at the hospital.
Knight, one of the co-founders of Death Row Records, was one of the most influential promoters in rap in the mid-1990s. In 1997, he was jailed on a parole violation.
The most feared guy in L.A. knocked out colder than Vanilla Ice. Imagine that.
Video arrangement and graphics by Emcee T for EMCEE T RECORDS / /

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