Клипы - Suéltame las Riendas - Enrique Iglesias (with English translation)

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Suéltame las Riendas by Enrique Iglesias Translation in English:
We dance for a short while in the darkness
I touch you, each time a bit more
We lose shame and I start to undress you
You smile a little and kiss me again
Your mouth with mine, can never go wrong
I say that I love you, you don't say anything else
You try to pretend
That we still have some self-control left
You want to go back
But I tell you 'no'
Give me free rein, I don't know
Steal my breath away
Turn my life upside down
Do something crazy to me, for crying out loud
Because it's always better if it's crazy
And don't you ever stop, no, no
Later, once I have calmed down, mesmerized by you
I swear I could die right here
If you knew what I am thinking, but no
You whisper something in my ear
Sorceress! Oh my God! How could she guess?
And after a couple kisses we're ready again
What a way to play
Temptation in dim light
And such is my luck
Because now it's your turn
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