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Steven Tyler messes up national Anthem at Ravens Patriots game 1/22/2012 As shown only on CBS...he messes up around 0:53 "As bomb bursting in air"
Steven Tyler's scarf better than 'Star-Spangled Banner' rendition
Steven Tyler, lead singer of the Boston-based, Hall-of-Fame rock and roll band Aerosmith and an "American Idol" judge, was brought in to sing the national anthem before kickoff of the New England Patriots AFC championship game at home. Well, sing is an overstatement.
It was more of a warbled scream. Associated Press is saying that it would not get him to Hollywood, while Deadspin called it one of the worst anthems of all time. Radar gave him credit for getting all the words right, but that's about it. Sports Grid asked, "How is this guy supposed to pass as a judge on a singing competition when he does... this?" The Boston Herald was one of the few voices to defend Tyler, calling the performance, "pretty decent."
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