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Uncle Snoop, the original West Coast Ridah is back with a banging new release full of previously unheard and unreleased tracks. Snoop fans, West Coast fans, Gangsta Rap fans and Hip-Hop fans will adore West Coast Ridah as it features Snoop rip it on various tempos, styles and favours. This is a killer release and a must buy release.
Yea, that's my people out there man
With blood over there? Yea, that's my people
Guns over there? Yea, that's my people
Every time they pass me right there, that's my people
They all my peoples man

Shit don't change on the block I'm from
We tic toc sock knock and we run
All for fun, just to become the immaculate one
Get you some, better got you some

Don't be hard headed cuz you headed for the fall
My man just a fan, said he love the way that we ball
We on the grind again, everything is everything
I got my nails done, flyin' pinky ring
I'm actin' like a king, I'm sittin' in my throne
With my roll on, get my grub on
I'm tryna stay in shape, I lift weights and eat grapes
Cuz it elevates my mind and my body
It's so hard we get simple
Body is your temple, that's why the Ph love watin' rinchels
Cuz they doughnuts, they go nuts for a dozen
Shut up they spot, me and my baby cousin
It seems they were slippin' by and we were tippin' by
What, we really trippin'? Why?
Retrospectively speakin', my perspective was definitely leaky
So since they was there, they had it comin'
It's just another nigga woulda added to the hundred miles I'm runnin'
I usually knock 'em out the ball park
But today I blunt it instead of getting plenty
I take you back to the old days
11.5 through white zig-zags. Nigga, oh no, wait
We blow fo sho', ask the homie from the base
Your underground, aks the homie May Ray
And thank God for the station payday
Cuz everybody else out there be actin' gidde
Playin' other niggas shit all up on the south deck
We've got rappers from the CPT, K Cavy
We even got some homies from the SGV
A lot of dope rappers comin' out the IE
They ain't getting heard, they getting kicked to the curve
We even got hip-hop rappers like the homeboy Merz
Glass through alone, somebody put thugs on
Yea, don't even trip, don't even matter
Cuz we gon setup a west coast battle
Where we gon battle not against each other
But other cities and states and rape niggas for their cake
Like for instance the home we tried light was BET
We fucked niggas up for about 2 weeks
And when he finished he didn't get no deal
They just put the script on cool like the minister
I'm here to analyze and capitalize
So you could realize I'm the big homie Snoop
Put me down so we go east side

Shit don't change on the block I'm from
We tic toc sock knock and we run
All for fun, just to become the immaculate one
Get you some, better got you some

Gang bangin' lookin' hard, they claim that I took it forward
Now get your hands on my motherfuckin' cookie jar
Peace to my nigga DJ Quick, Jaba Felony, Game and Western Union
The warzone, the alcoholics, king T, cartoon, Tracy Dangerous aka Tracy D
Chocha more prane, the lady a break abrazed
Rubble inch home kid false little easy
LA champ, maestro my nigga LT Hutton, nigga take it easy
Terrence Martin, Meech boys halla at me
We need to be makin' music on some real shit, loco
L Dogg, east side up, DJ unknown
My father local chop chop from the SGT
Giordano fesse, what up esse?
Met with Tony Mohamed, lil half deal
Chill, spice on boat rock. Money I can trip low
I even met your nigga Spook G
Forget your head, ride and come halla at ya big homie
Pretty Tony in the lifestyle play
Lil Leelee doves up, 20 crip
Yea nigga, they my folks, they my people
Yea nigga, they my people
Yea, be real and fats boss a leanin'
Yea, nigga have you seen it?
West coast is nuttin' right now mane
That's what it is mane
I mean I mean, it ain't even about members who worst rhyme
I'm just givin' a lil love
If I didn't mention your name it ain't cuz I ain't got love for ya
It's just like that my nigga
It's all west right now
It's all west right now

I hate to say it (that's my people)
On some real shit (that's my people)
I ain't trippin' on blood (that's my people)
And I aint trippin' on kush (that's my people)
I'm down with the grind (that's my people)
Yea, how that sound? (that's my people)
It's all to the good (that's my people)
In all and every hood (that's my people)
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