Клипы - Snoop Dogg Presents: UNDERGROUND HEAT - Episode 4

# 96861

Категория ролика: Snoop dogg клипы

One two, one two! Welcome back for week 4 of Underground Heat! This is the show where you can see that fire that the world has been waiting for. You can also submit your own videos. This is that show that is all about the music!!!

Here's the week 4 list of fire...

10. The Rhyme Addicts- Hip To The Game:

9. T Gotti- Top of the AM ft. Hard Head:

8. They Know (Big Sir Loon)

7. The Harlem Knights-Something for Nothing --

6. Hommy Hom- Mess Ya Day Up --

5. Deacon Of The Chuuch - Talk 2 U Bout It -

4. Dimepiece - Nickel & Dime

3. Tha Dogg Pund - That's My Work

2. Mac Lucci ft. Snoop Dogg - Funny Hoes

1. Joe Moses ft. Tyga - Ratchets (Remix)
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