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Hi people i know i already posted today, joe jonas out of this world, nick jonas fly with me and kevin jonas don't tell anyone today. I was not planning on posting this for a while but..
-emily(brothersjonaslover2) said i was really cool and said she loved all my videos
-wantinjoeyajseyes made a video telling people to subscribe 2 me:D
-Dal8JonasBrothers dedicated her 1 day to lines vines and trying times jb countdown video to me
this video is DEDICATED TO
Check them out they all have awesome videos and are really supportive:D
This is Selena Gomez's Head First (no idea wheather or not it is on her new album becuase idk if she is going to have an album or if this song is on it) IDK OK!!??!!
=D Lizze
PS:There is NO WAY I am posting again today so just make due with what you already have!!!
4 Videos - thats a miracle!!!!
No wait-Lines Vines and Trying Times came out(thats a good reason) :D
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