Клипы - Secretly by Jennifer Lopez

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"Secret;y" was released in 2001 from the album J.Lo.
It's like I'm lost
I don't know
But this feeling
That I have about you
Will you ever know?
I'm wanting you
And I'm hoping you want me too (I gotta work it up to tell you)
I smell your scent across the room
And I can't wait to get next to you (Feels like it's gonna explode)
Whatever I see
When I look at you across the room
Whatever I hear
I wonder if he loves me too
Whatever I do
I just think about you...for hours
Oh baby
Has got me thinking of you
Whenever you speak
Whenever you move
Whenever you breath
Baby let me touch you (I don't know)
(Chorus x 2)
It smells so good
I just wanna...kiss you
I wanna...lay with you
I don't know how to tell you
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