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Say hello to my messiest video yet! I started it almost an year ago, but immediately saw where it was going (a complete copy of WFL video) and that it will never happen, so I just scrapped it. Until now when I decided to create a video anthology for Rated R and guess what - this was the only song without a video, so I continued from where I was. The video is corny as shit especially the camera/photos parts... I hate the bridge, but I like the will.i.am verse. I had no idea what to do with most of the video, that's why there are so much photos...Not a fan of the song as well, but the live performance SHITS!!!

I'm currently going through rough times, so much is going on right now, that I just don't have time for videos, so please excuse me. I'm going to study in Scotland, starting from 19 September, which means evem less videos...
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