Клипы - Rihanna - Cold Case Love

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I don't remember the last time I was that disappointed by a video...I've worked a lot and my expectations were pretty big, but the result is...a total and boring mess! Still better than my previous video (from 2 years ago) for this song, which btw is one of my favorite songs ever! I wanted a story, wanted it to be simple (only 2 videos max), yet fitting and it turned out the exact opposite! I think I went too far with the "effects"...It's not that bad till the 4 min last chorus + the guitar solo. These 2 final minutes ruin the whole video. But I had to upload something before the exams this month (I will try to study this time :D), because I won't be able to start anything before June/July! Hope I haven't disappointed you too and thanks for watching (and reading :D)!
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