Клипы - Rihanna - California King Bed - American Idol Live [HD]

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Rihanna performed 'California King Bed' a few hours ago on 'American Idol' results show. She surely did an amazing performance! She looked and sounded simply divine. Watch the performance on the player above!
After the performance, which brought the audience to its feet, Seacrest pressed Rihanna for details about her upcoming tour and the rumor that she was planning something special in order to fully incorporate her fans into the experience!
"You always know the inside scoop!" Rihanna protested, before opening up a bit about the plan. "Right now, we just designed the stage. I'm really not supposed to say this, but I want to get you excited," she told the crowd. "We're building two sections on the stage [for the fans. They'll be] closer than they've ever been. It's real VIP."
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