Клипы - Ordinary Girl - Miley Cyrus (New Hannah Montana Forever Song + Download!)

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Download link for the song -

I put the download link in here because I coudn't find the song anywhere and it was very hard to find so I hope to make it easier for some people to download but I don't own it. It is not mine. (Sorry for the blurb in the beginning...)
So I heard this song and I knew I just had to make a Miley video out of it. I feel like the Hannah songs fit Miley so well.
Once again, this is a new program so I am still working with it but I think this one is better than my one before...!!
Let me know what you think. PLEASE :)
Song - Ordinary Girl
Artist - Miley Cyrus
Album - Hannah Montana Forever
Program to Edit - iMovie
**I don't own anything in this video. Everything goes to it's rightful owners.
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